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Lose 5kg in One Week: The Egg Diet One Week Meal Plan

I want to lose 5 kg in one week.

I believe I am not alone. Most people want to lose weight fast. To lose 5 kg in 1 week (10-12 pounds) is possible but what you really have to ask yourself is are you dropping kilos, or just debloating?

This is Dutch Egg Diet one week meal plan to lose 5kg in a week from Janneke's Online Cookbook. This is similar to Sugar Blockage Diet I have blog about before. In old-fashioned calories it is approximately 500-700 cal. a day with almost no fat and carbohydrates in it. You eat fewer calories than you burn. That's how this diet work.

Warning from the original source: You're NOT allowed to follow this diet MORE than a week. If you're not satisfied with the results you MUST eat normal for 1 or 2 weeks first and after that repeat the diet.

Janneke's famous 1 Week Meal Plan Dutch Egg Diet
Every day's breakfast:
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 or 2 eggs (first day 3)
  • Coffee/tea
Monday (Day 1)
- 3 eggs
- tomatoes
- coffee/tea

- 3 eggs
- mixed salad
- 1 small slice knäckebröd

Tuesday (Day 2)
- 1- 2 eggs
- grapefruits
- coffee/tea

- steak, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, spinach, cucumber
- coffee/tea

Wednesday (Day 3)
- 1- 2 eggs
- tomato, spinach
- coffee/tea

DINNER- 2 lamb steak or a steak 

Thursday (Day 4)
- mixed salad
- grapefruits
- coffee/tea

- eggs, quark, spinach, knäckebröd, coffee/tea 

Friday (Day 5)
- spinach
- coffee/tea

DINNER- fish(low fat: i.e. sole, tuna, cod, halibut, salmon)
- mixed salad, knäckebröd 

Saturday (Day 6)
LUNCH- Fruit salad (that's all)

DINNER- steak, celery, tomatoes, cucumber,
- coffee/tea 

Sunday (Day 7)
- cold chicken (grill), tomatoes and grapefruit
- coffee/tea

- vegetable soup (grease removed), chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, cooked cabbage, celery,
- grapefruit,
- coffee/tea

The Egg "Lose 5 kg in 1 Week" Diet RULES:
  • Do not use oil in the salads but use for example vinegar 
  • Coffee and tea without sugar and milk (sweeteners allowed) 
  •  Drink 2 liter fluid each day (including 0-calorie drinks) 
  • Alcohol is not allowed 
  • Add nothing to the meals 
  • Use no butter or oil but grill (in a non-sticking pan) 
  • If there's no quantity mentioned you can eat as much as you like
  • Breakfast is always the same 
  • The eggs can be prepared as you like it (without butter) i.e. scrambled, Omelette 
  • Do you have a high cholesterol ? Then this diet is not suitable.

The Egg Diet TIPS:
  • Want to lose 1 kilo (2 lbs) or lose the weight slower? Just follow day 2 and 3 of this diet every week on 2 combined days. 
  • Eat normal (but not too much) the other 5 days till you reach the weight you want.
Do you follow a certain meal plan? 
Please share in the comments.

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Kate said...

o_0 That many eggs will just make you constipated and you will gain weight from food waste you cant get rid of (unless your going take laxatives every other day) Dont do it x

*Eggs are a form of protien which is great! But eat too much protien and you wont poop for days and days!

Honeybee said...

Kate, thanks for sharing that useful information.

Fatima Taher said...

I've tried this and successfully lost the weight I wanted.
If you're worried about the waste , after I've finished these 7 days for 2 days I had fruits with every meal (mostly on breakfast and before lunch and dinner) I got rid of the waste and now following a balanced diet.
Haven't gained even 1kg back. :)

Health_Adventure said...

I personally don't believe in diet, I think it should be a lifestyle change instead.
But still, I am open-minded becoz I have friends following some diet plan and they some results.

Honeybee GB said...

@Health_AdventureI completely agree. You can always drink weight loss product "A" to lose weight or follows weight loss program "B" and see some result. But unless you change your lifestyle, you can't sustain that weight loss. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Honeybee GB said...

Fatima Taher I will consider to try this for 7 days. :)

hetal patel said...

but egg have to many cholestrol so is it good or bed?

yvonne rosado said...

sounds good to try!! you can always eat only the egg white and not the yolk:)) thanks!

Yaya Simpson said...

can i limit the eggs intake? and can i change eggs to smething else that work well on this diet

Bobby Ertanto said...

Hi, I also have this egg diet plan on my blog. You can through with this link:

Thank you

Florence Poni said...

Wow, I'm up for it

Anielle Clandestine said...

does this really work? i mean do you lose fat?

Anielle Clandestine said...

@Fatima Taher how much of a weight did you actually lose?

jaspreet singh said...

for more diet plans you can visit lose weight diet

genius786 said...

Written very well thanx for Sharing Best Diet plan for Weight Loss

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